Smelt Edit

Smelt gears to obtain smelting points. The higher rarity, the more points are received. Steam Goblin increases the chance of receiving equipment

Forge Edit

equipment can be forged by consuming smelt points. The selection can be refreshed 3 times daily

Smelting Pts. 3500 8000 15000

Suit Edit

See equipment Sets/Suit Forging

Pet Gears Edit

Unlocked in Rebirth 2, pet equipment can be forged by consuming smelt points. Combatting pets will have their own equips, these equips can only be acquired through pet equips forging. The cost is vary and DOES NOT represent the quality of the equip, so if you want to gamble, forge the cheap ones. It is recommended to focus on defensive attributes such as HP, DEF/MDEF, & EVA on non weapon items. EACH DAY you have 5 FREE Identification for the equips' stats and will cost 50 diamonds after, EACH identify gives you 400 Smelt points, remember to use them all everyday. Each equips will have specific race bonuses, those bonuses increase the equips stats if it is equipped by the same race, for example, an armor with Undeadsuccess 10%, HP 10000, DEF/MDEF 1000, will provide HP 11000, DEF/MDEF 1100 if equipped to Osiris, because its race is undead, thus it gets 10% more stats compared to when equipped to other race such as Eddga, or GTB.

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