Rebirth 3 / III (R3) Edit

Released: November 1st, 2017

Basically, you need to get all the Group / AoE pet Skills, like group healing, group stun, group strengthen, etc. It is also good to have quick cast. Make sure you already has Asthayi 3 as well.

TIPS: You should have at least almost all pets by this point. Don't prioritize purple pets, finish your Greens and Blues so that the bonus pet from pet draw is guaranteed purples. That will save much time. You should also transform all Explore Pet to combat pet as well in preparation to raise a new pet on Rebirth 4 quicker.

RB3 Simplistic Guide:

1) Pets needed for unlocking skills(recommended)

  • Single cc lv1 (Drainliar / Thara Frog)
  • Group cc lv2 (G.freeze = goblin  lv100, G. Sleep = goblin , G.stun = rocker lv100, G. Stone = Vadon lv100)
  • Unyield lv1 (evil skeleton lv30 & archer skeleton lv30) 
  • Quick spell lv2 (Drake lv100 or Deviling lv110), aim for lv3 will be better (Hydra lv100 and Yoyo lv100)
  • Swift lv1 (orc baby lv50)
  • Group restore lv2 (mandragora lv100) 
  • Group strengthen lv1 (pirate skeleton lv50)
  • Restore lv1 (drops lv50)
  • Fanatic lv 1 (poporing lv50)
  • Aim for min. double attack iii (purple lv 100) , iv (orange lv 150)
  • Cure & Restore skills min. lv1

3) required runes( as high level as possible) 

  • Asthayi must lv3
  • Adamzat
  • Flamma
  • Kupona
  • Vald
  • Taika

4) 6 exploration pet to be all attack/m.att%

  • Similar to RB2

5) 2 pets required as tanks.

  • Recommended: Bapho Jr/ MVP

4 Skills Rotation GUIDE Edit

Main Requirement: Edit

1) Quick Spell 3, Skill Honor lv 39 (Vulnerability Mark, Traumatic Blow, Magical Chase), Skill Honor lv 32 (Aimed Bolt, Charged Attack, Element Bomb)

2) DO NOT Job change to job 3 (Ranger, Warlock, Rune Knight)

3) Asthayi Lv 3

4) Rebirth 3


Skill Set: H39, Berserk, H32, H36

Rune Set: Vald / Flamma, Opari, Adamzat, Asthayi

Pet 1 Set: CC, Quick Spell, Support, CC

Target Change Set: Edit

Additional Requirement:

1) Target Change skill, don't level pass 5

2) Lots of CC, preferably lv 2

3) Iawanan lv 3, Haere Recommended

4) Recommended Dracula Pet lv 80+


Skill Set: Target change, H39, Berserk, H32

Rune Set: Haere / Ciernie / Kupona / Celeritas, Iawanan, Adamzat, Asthayi

Pet 1 Set: Support (Heal/Dmg boost), Quick Spell, CC, CC

Pet 2 Set: Unyield/Support, Support, CC, CC


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