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Exploration Pet Skills Edit

The following skills can be changed through Polish, which consumes pet shards & zeny and will replace the current Skill or Strength. Regardless of choosing to accept or reject the new skill, all materials will be consumed.


For every skill icon that matches that of an opponent's, the mission's success rate will increase by 5%.

Thorns Bull Twister Hand Fist Poison Summon Bell Ghost
Halluci-nation Howling Cure Spore Wug Bite At Dead Hill Natural Healing Amp Angelic's Wrath Magnum Break
Wall of Thorns Provoke Ode Camou-flage Bone Shield Demonic Camp Beserk Wither
Crimson Rock Ganban-tein Lullaby Thump Toss Rainstorm
Vulcan Arrow Fatal Blow Crazy Weed
Beast Charge


Blue, Purple, and Gold pets can unlock exclusive Strengths.

Strength Increases
Top Student base experience received by this pet from exploration by 50%
Advance Side by Side base experience on current expeditions by 30%
Explore Expert success rate for all explorations -no conditions-
Burst of Energy success rate when exploring for less than 7 hours
Endurance success rate when exploring for more than 7 hours
Explore Veteran success rate for all explorations greatly -no conditions-
Efficiency First chance of getting double special reward by 100%
Rapid Walker (Decreases) explore time by 50%
Explore Master success rate for all explorations significantly -no conditions-
Top of Food Chain chance to defeat diverse monsters
Demon Rival chance to defeat monsters of the Demon race
Demonic Friend success rate when exploring with a pet of the Demon race
Undead Rival chance to defeat monsters of the Undead race
Undead Friend success rate when exploring with a pet of the Undead race
Animal Rival chance to defeat monsters of the Animal race
Animal Friend success rate when exploring with a pet of the Animal race
Humanoid Rival chance to defeat monsters of the Humanoid race
Humanoid Friend success rate when exploring with a pet of the Humanoid race
Insect Rival chance to defeat monsters of the Insect race
Insect Friend success rate when exploring with a pet of the Insect race
Plant Rival chance to defeat monsters of the Plant race
Plant Friend success rate when exploring with a pet of the Plant race
Angelic Rival chance to defeat monsters of the Angel race
Angelic Friend success rate when exploring with a pet of the Angel race
Ranges Adaptation success rate when exploring in a ranges area
Swamp Adaptation success rate when exploring in a swamp area
Forest Adaptation success rate when exploring in a forest area
Underground Adaptation success rate when exploring in an underground area
Plains Adaptation success rate when exploring in a plains area

Combat Pet Skills[1] Edit

Like exploration pet skills, combat pet skills are upgraded by consuming pet shards. They are unlocked in the same manner as upgrading pet hearts (intimacy). Pet skills also act like runes, meaning once unlocked they can be used in a skill slot.

Skill Name


Effect Grade I Unlock Grade II Unlock Grade III Unlock Grade IV Unlock
Thump I-combatpetskill
Deals damage to one enemy Edit
Any Pet at 2 hearts Edit
Any Pet Lv50 Edit
Any Pet Lv100 Edit
Any Pet Lv150 Edit
deals more damage and ignores defence and ignores defence buffs
Sneer I-combatpetskill
Taunts enemies Edit
Finish PvP above Silver Edit
Savage & Poring Lv80 Edit
Orc Baby & Bigfoot Lv100 Edit
Any Purple Pet Lv150 Edit
and reduces their damage and reduce their buff durations? and reduce their buff durations?
Protection I-combatpetskill
Defends weakest ally Edit
Finish PvP above Silver Edit
Vadon Lv80 Edit
Thief Bug Lv100 Edit
Any Orange Pet Lv150 Edit
Thara Frog Lv80 Edit
Creamy Lv100 Edit
and buffs their damage
Multiple Attack
Multiple Attack I-combatpetskill
Hits one enemy multiple times Edit
Any Green Pet Lv30 Edit
Any Blue Pet Lv80 Edit
Any Purple Pet Lv100 Edit
Any Orange Pet Lv150 Edit
hits twice hits 3 times hits 5 times hits 8 times
Group Assassination
Group Assassination I-combatpetskill
Deals dmg to all enemies. Recovers HP if cast is cancelledEdit
Treasure MapEdit
Master Reward (Not yet implemented)Edit
Higher damage, cancelled cast applies a damage buff and HP recovery Edit
Magic Burn
Magic Burn I-combatpetskill
Makes enemy burn huge amounts of SPEdit
Treasure MapEdit
Controlled Enhance
Controlled Enhance I-combatpetskill
For a period, every effective cc will cause enemies to lose HPEdit
Treasure MapEdit
Sleep Attack
Sleep Attack I-combatpetskill
Deals dmg to all enemies and causes sleepEdit
Treasure MapEdit
ignores buffs, debuffs, & def
Element Delay
Element Delay I-combatpetskill
Increases cast time of all enemiesEdit
Treasure MapEdit
increase cast time increase cast time more longer Any shortened cast time will not override Element Delay
Shield of Tardy
Shield of Tardy I-combatpetskill
Lowers enemy attack speedEdit
Deviruchi Lv30Edit
Maya Lv100Edit
Mistress Lv120Edit
Devling Lv30Edit
or Steam Goblin Lv110Edit
or Ghostring Lv130Edit
and their attack power
Spirit Counter
Spirit Counter I-combatpetskill
Receiving Skill Dmg will lower the attacker's Cast SpeedEdit
Whisper Lv30Edit
Mistress Lv100Edit
Maya Lv120Edit
Ghostring Lv30Edit
Ghostring Lv110Edit
and their cast
Follow-up I-combatpetskill
Attacks an enemy three timesEdit
Goblin Archer Lv50Edit
Goblin :o Lv80Edit
Goblin :( Lv100Edit
Steam Goblin Lv150Edit
Goblin :D Lv80Edit
Andre Lv100Edit
Goblin King Lv150Edit
2nd hit penetrates armor, 3rd hit has bonus crit chance 2nd hit ignores armor, 3rd hit guaranteed to crit and causes random status ailment
Raid Away
Raid Away I-combatpetskill
Hits all enemiesEdit
Any Pet Lv35Edit
Any Pet Lv80Edit
Any Pet Lv100Edit
Master Reward (Not yet implemented)Edit
quick attack
Much faster cast time, small increase in damage and stun duration Edit
Group Frozen
Group Frozen I-combatpetskill
Freezes all enemiesEdit
Bigfoot Lv50Edit
Goblin :o Lv100Edit
Smokie Lv120Edit
Group Sleep
Group Sleep I-combatpetskill
Puts all enemies to sleepEdit
Eclipse Lv50Edit
Goblin :D? Lv100Edit
Isis Lv120Edit
Group Stun
Group Stun I-combatpetskill
Stuns all enemiesEdit
Farmiliar Lv50Edit
Rocker Lv100Edit
Jakk Lv120Edit
Group Stone Curse
Group Stone Curse I-combatpetskill
Petrifies all enemiesEdit
Hornet Lv50Edit
Vadon Lv100Edit
Rotar Zairo Lv120Edit
Strengthen I-combatpetskill
Raises defenceEdit
Savage Lv50Edit
Lunatic Lv100Edit
Ghostring Lv120Edit
Finish PvP in top 5% MasterEdit
Group Strengthen
Group Strengthen III-combatpetskill
same as above, but for everyoneEdit
Pirate Skeleton Lv50Edit
Andre Lv100Edit
Drops Lv100Edit
Argiope Lv100Edit
Counter Attack
Counter Attack I-archer-charskill
Reflects damageEdit
Yoyo Lv50Edit
Goblin -_-? Lv100Edit
Deniro Lv120Edit
and heals when damage reflected
Group Counter
Counter Attack (Group) I-combatpetskill
Everyone reflects damage?Edit
Bon Gun Lv50Edit
Willow Lv100Edit
High Orc Lv120Edit
Unyield I-combatpetskill
Provides immunity to CCEdit
Evil Skeleton Lv30Edit
Osiris Lv100Edit
Goblin -.- Lv100Edit
Deniro Lv150Edit
Skeleton Archer Lv30Edit
Goblin o.o Lv100Edit
Jakk Lv150Edit
but lowers your defense
OR Isis Lv110Edit
and reflects it back to the enemy
Cure I-combatpetskill
Heals weakest allyEdit
Skeleton Archer Lv50Edit
Evil Skeleton Lv100Edit
Poporing Lv100Edit
4th RebirthEdit
Poring Lv100 Edit
and raises their defence and their attack speed and cast
Group Restore I-combatpetskill
Heals everyone
Drops Lv50Edit
Poring Lv100Edit
Lunatic Lv100Edit
Master Reward (Not yet implemented)Edit
Eclipse Lv100 Edit
Removes negative effects, and becomes immunes to negatve effects for a short duration Edit
Concentration I-combatpetskill
Restores SP to ally with lowest SPEdit
Gargoyle Lv50Edit
Munak Lv100Edit
Bon Gun Lv100Edit
Marc Lv150Edit
Muka Lv150Edit
and lowers SP consumption and greatly lowers SP consumption for next skill
Group Restore
Group Restore I-combatpetskill
Restore HP continuously to allEdit
Creamy Lv50Edit
Mandragora Lv100Edit
Any Pet Lv120Edit
Awaken I-combatpetskill
Restores SP to allEdit
Muka Lv50Edit
Thief Bug Lv100Edit
Muka Lv100Edit
Master Reward (Not yet implemented)Edit
Marc Lv100 Edit
Applies a shield effect Edit
Group Awaken
Group Awaken I-combatpetskill
Restore SP continuously to allEdit
Orc Warrior Lv50Edit
Hydra Lv100Edit
Player Lv100Edit
Life Transfer
Life Transfer II-combatpetskill
Transfer HP to weakest allyEdit
Player Lv60Edit
Spore Lv80Edit
Mandragora Lv100Edit
Master Reward (Not yet implemented)Edit
Eclipse Lv80 Edit
Farmiliar Lv100 Edit
to allies & heals over time
Allies also take less skill damage for a duration Edit
Attack Strengthen
Attack Strengthen I-combatpetskill
Boosts damageEdit
Orc Archer Lv50Edit
Piere Lv80Edit
Evil Skeleton Lv100Edit
Deniro Lv80Edit
Orc Warrior Lv100Edit
Marker I-combatpetskill
Marks an enemy and all allies will attack themEdit
Vitata Lv50Edit
Whisper Lv100Edit
Tarou Lv120Edit
and boosts ally damage and accuracy
Swift I-combatpetskill
Boosts attack speedEdit
Orc Baby Lv50Edit
Marc Lv100Edit
Steam Goblin Lv100Edit
Rotar Zairo Lv100Edit
Fanatic I-combatpetskill
Boosts crit chanceEdit
Poporing Lv50Edit
Goblin :( Lv100Edit
Orc Archer Lv100Edit
Pirate Skeleton Lv150Edit
Gargoyle Lv100Edit
Skeleton Archer Lv150Edit
and guarantees next one crit guarantees next two crits three crits
DMG Share
DMG Share I-combatpetskill
Split damage taken with an allyEdit
Player Lv110Edit
Andre Lv80Edit
Poporing Lv100Edit
Vitata Lv80Edit
Hornet Lv100Edit
and lowers damage taken
Life Stealer
Life Stealer I-combatpetskill
Steals health when doing damageEdit
Player Lv100Edit
Munak Lv80Edit
Hydra Lv100Edit
Master Reward (Not yet implemented)Edit
Farmiliar Lv80 Edit
Deviruchi Lv100 Edit
and also steals SP
Becomes Group buff Edit
Weak Track
Weak Track I-combatpetskill
Curses an enemy and causes stun when attackedEdit
Any Blue Pet Lv30Edit
Thief Bug Lv80Edit
Fabre Lv100Edit
Smokie Lv150Edit
Rocker Lv80Edit
Eclipse Lv100Edit
Drainliar Lv150Edit
Attack Terminator
Attack Terminator II-combatpetskill
Attacks the weakest enemyEdit
Bapho Jr Lv35Edit
Baphomet Lv100Edit
Any Blue Pet Lv100Edit
Bapho Jr Lv150Edit
OR High Orc Lv60Edit
OR Jakk Lv110Edit
Baphomet Lv150Edit
and does more damage to low-health enemies
AGI Decrease
Lowers enemy attack speedEdit
Deviruchi Lv30Edit
Maya Lv100Edit
Mistress Lv120Edit
Devling Lv30 Edit
Steam Goblin Lv110 Edit
and their attack power
Elemental Counter
Lowers enemy attackEdit
Whisper Lv30Edit
Hornet Lv100Edit
Maya Lv120Edit
Ghostring Lv30Edit
Ghostring Lv110Edit
and their cast
Frost Diver
Frost Diver II-combatpetskill
Freezes enemyEdit
Drainliar Lv50Edit
Tarou Lv100Edit
Smokie Lv120Edit
Longer duration
Sleep III-combatpetskill
Puts enemy to sleepEdit
Deviruchi Lv50Edit
Piere Lv100Edit
Devling Lv120Edit
Longer duration
Firmness I-combatpetskill
Become immune but also unable to actEdit
Whisper Lv30Edit
Golden Thief Bug Lv100Edit
Ghostring Lv100Edit
Orc Baby Lv30Edit
OR Angeling Lv110Edit
Devling Lv100Edit
Soul Destroyer
Soul Destroyer I-combatpetskill
Stuns enemyEdit
Argiope Lv50Edit
Fabre Lv100Edit
Steam Goblin Lv120Edit
Longer duration
Stone Curse
Stone Curse II-combatpetskill
Petrifies enemyEdit
Thara Frog Lv50Edit
Spore Lv100Edit
Goblin King Lv120Edit
Longer duration
Bloodshot I-combatpetskill
Attacks the strongest enemyEdit
GTB Lv50Edit
Baphomet Lv80Edit
Finish PvP at MasterEdit
Master Reward (Not yet implemented)Edit
OR Angeling Lv80Edit
OR Jakk Lv100Edit
and deals a % of their health in damage
Hits all enemies Edit
Quick Spell
Quick Spell III-combatpetskill
Reduces cast time for the next skillEdit
Creamy Lv30Edit
Drake Lv100Edit
Hydra Lv100Edit
Bon Gun Lv30Edit
OR Devling Lv110Edit
Yoyo Lv100Edit
decrease cast time for next two skills

Support Pet Skills Edit

Support Pet skills are unlocked at Rebirth 5. The combat form of the pets unlocked on Rebirth 4 are required to unlock these skills. Players can equip 2 Support Skills to combat followers in Rebirth 5, 4 skills in Rebirth 6.

Support Skills are only casted once per battle (twice for Anubis) by followers at set intervals. First Support Skill will usually be casted between 2nd and 3rd character skill. Then the second Support Skill will be casted between 4th and 5th character skill and so on.

Support Skill Name Effect Grade I Unlock Grade II Unlock Grade III Unlock
Collision Deals % max HP damage to a single enemy Griffin Lv40 Elder Willow Lv100 Mummy Lv120
Devil Maid Lv120
About 20%
Sock Attack Deals % max HP damage to all enemies Phen Lv40 Sohee Lv100 Khalitzburg Lv120
Wolf Lv120
About 12%
Chain Collision Deals % max HP damage to all enemies Eggyra Lv40 Gierth Lv100 Incubus Lv120
Griffin Lv120
About 12%
Holy Sanctuary Grants an ally immunity to 1 skill (2 skills at lv 3) for a duration Mummy Lv40 Golem Lv100 Devil Maid Lv120
Marduk Lv120
1 Skill 1 Skill 2 Skills
Violent Asylum Infuses an ally for a duration., increasing damage and decreasing damage taken Marduk Lv40 Khalitzburg Lv100 Dragon Fly Lv120
Anolian Lv120
Characteristic Virus Disables opponent passives (Rebirth 4 pet passives) for a duration. Incubus Lv40 Dragon Fly Lv100 Marina Lv120
Anolian Lv120
Bleeding Wounds Decreases all enemies' healing effects by roughly 80% for a duration. Devil Maid Lv40 Minorous Lv100 Wolf Lv120
Phen Lv120
Protection Impact Grants an ally immunity to normal attacks for a duration. Anolian Lv40 Magnolia Lv100 Sohee Lv120
Vagabond Wolf Lv120
Vloek Rune Disables opponent rune effects for a duration. Marina Lv40 Anubis Lv100 Elder Willow Lv 120
Nine Tail Lv 120
Healing Heals the weakest ally for large amount of HP (around 50% at lv 3) Wolf Lv40 Desert Wolf Lv100 Matyr Lv120
Magnolia Lv120
About 50%
Guardian Allow allies to dodge 1 AoE skill (2 at lv 3) for a duration. Vagabond Wolf Lv40 Griffin Lv80 Peco Peco Lv120
Marina Lv80 Nine Tail Lv120
1 Skill 1 Skill 2 Skills
Target Guidance Guides all allies to attack the weakest enemy for a duration. Nine Tail Lv40 Phen Lv80 ChonChon Lv120
Incubus Lv80 Mummy Lv120
Substitute Defense Pets will take fatal damage for the character for a duration. Matyr Lv40 Eggyra Lv80 Elder Willow Lv120
Gierth Lv80 Golem Lv120
DMG Share Allies will take damage for the weakest ally for a duration. Chonchon Lv40 Vagabond Wolf Lv80 Sohee Lv120
Gierth Lv80 Eggyra Lv120
Split Attack Attacks and skills will deal 15% splash damage for a duration. Peco Peco Lv40 Golem Lv80 Marduk Lv120
Khalitzburg Lv80 Chonchon Lv120
Charming Body (Charm) Chance to steal opponent's critical chance and damage while attacking or being attacked Butterfly Fairy Lv50 Butterfly Fairy Lv100

Reference Edit


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