Honor is obtained by sending gifts to your friends, tasks, and PvP-ing:

There are 3 Types of Gifts

You can add random friends via Main → Friends → Add tab. You can add any friend when you view their profile and tap Follow.

Under My Follow, you can send Greeting or Fancy Gift.

When you send a Fancy Gift Icy Rose Gift to a Friend (Costs 50 gems) You get 300 Honor Points You get 50 Bond Points with that Friend. You may send and collect only ONCE a day.

When you send a Fancy Gift Eternal Rose Gift to a Friend (Costs 500 gems) You get 500 Honor Points You get 300 Bond Points with that Friend. You may send and collect only ONCE a day.

Honor are used to unlock new skills and the more skills you unlock, the more potential you can use.


Fancy Gifts Edit

Find a partner to keep sending Icy Rose gifts with: You get 50 free gems per day anyways. Eventually you’ll be able to apply Be-Partner with one another.  Fancy Gift Icy Rose has the best value to unlock Skills. PvP nets you only at least 5 honor per fight (Depends on your Power). A single Icy Rose gift nets you 300!

PvP Edit

You must at least reach Gold Rank to earn more honor since the difference between Gold and Master is only 900 honors. To do that, you must at least secure 100 Tier Rank each day by winning PvP battles. Bronze to Silver requires 80, Silver to Gold requires 400 and Gold to Master requires 1000 Tier Rank. Master tier will give you 4500 Honor each week while Gold will receive 3600 honor each week. Bronze will receive 1000 honor and Silver will receive 2500 honor each week.


When you reach a bond of 3600 with a friend and apply Be-Partner, you will receive Bond Bless a daily 5 minute HP buff. It stacks with the 5 min Accelerate 10% damage buff. Its helpful for clearing a boss if you are REALLY close.

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