Guilds can be created by becoming a VIP and spending 500 diamonds. If the leader has been offline for 7 days, a member with high honor may purchase guild ownership status for 100 diamonds. After that the person will become the leader and the previous leader will become a normal member

The max member capacity is 100 regardless of guild level. Guild chat will only store messages sent or received while online. New members are unable to see messages sent from before their join date.

Guild Positions
Position Promote Kick Accept Reject Join Elite
Guild Leader ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤
Vice Leader ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤
Elite Member ¤ ¤ ¤

Guild Battle (War of Emperium) Edit

Guild Preperation UI

Patch Date: 10-Oct-2017
Guild battles are available once you have joined a guild.

WoE Cycle Edit

  1. The WoE registration starts every Thursday (Requires a Guild Member Online that day)! On Friday, from 0:00 until 8:00 PM(GMT+8) the matchmaking phase will start.
  2. Starting Friday, at 8:00 PM(GMT+8), players will have 24 hours to prepare for the battle, then the Battle will happen for another 24 hours.
  3. Only members that were already in the Guild before the Registration will be able to participate.
  4. Members of both guilds that reach the requirements for participation will earn rewards, REGARDLESS of active participation.
  5. When the Battle Ends, Prizes will be Available on the Results tab.
  6. If a guild loses, all their members will have next war win rewards increased by 20% each time, capped at 100%. This buff stays with the affected player, not the losing guild.

Battle Rules Edit

Guild Wars Rule


If you win after losing the previous weeks your guild rewards will be increased according to Bonus %. (E.g losing 1 week gives 20% Bonus, 2 weeks consecutive loss gives 40%... so on)

Draws are randomized, elite receives 1 additional reward slot.

  • Victory 6000 Honors + Advanced Quality Chest (2 rewards)
    • Draw: 188 Diamonds, 3 Prickly Fruit, 3 Mango, 3 Dew Melon, 19-31 Explore Pet Potion (L), 62-76 Explore Pet Potion (S)
    • Elite Exclusive: 250 Diamonds *(not guarantee)
  • Failure 4000 Honors + Normal Quality Chest (1 rewards)
    • Draw: 125 Diamonds, 3 Mango, 3 Dew Melon, 10 Explore Pet Potion (L), 31 Explore Pet Potion (S)
    • Elite Exclusive: 150 Diamonds


  • Players may select between Attack and Defense Group.
  • Only Elite Players may join the Elite Attack or Defense Group, limited to 6 members each.
  • Elite Members can only fight with other Elite Members and will earn 2x Points.
  • The WoE will last 24 hours, after the timer the team with more points will win.
  • If it's a Draw, both teams will count as Loss.


  1. Attackers can choose a Defense Group member to Attack. After the First Attack, the attacking team can only attack members from that Defense Group.
  2. After choosing a Defense Group all players from that Defense Group will show in the Team tab.
  3. Every Attacker will have 2 Attack Chances, but he can’t attack the same target twice. If the attack group achieve 6 Victories they will earn points, more victories will earn more points.
  4. Defense Group Member’s Skills/Runes/Pets will only show after the first attack.


  1. Defenders can only wait to be attacked, but will receive +20% HP boost.
  2. If there are not enough members of the Defense Group the Attack group will get 2 victories.
  3. Missing defenders will result in point gains for the opposing team. Each empty Defense Group slot will grant the opposing team 100 points (Empty Elite Defense Groups slots will grant 200)

Additional Notes on GUILD WAR: Edit

  • DO NOT REBIRTH as soon as you pressed join. High chance will get you KICKED, because your power is still updating until timer ends, and your low power takes up place for other stronger members.
  • Defenders' Pets Gems, everything, will be RECORDED as soon as preparation TIMER ENDS, so remember to set everything before it does. And you can rebirth as soon as the timer reaches 0.
  • Attackers, your power is still updating throughout the war, so remember to attack before rebirthing. ATTACK TWICE!! you get two chances regardless if you win or lost the first one.
  • LOSING an attack DOES NOT give enemy points, but DO NOT attack without plan since you will lose potential points for your guild.
  • 6 out of the 35 slots are for ELITES ONLY, which means, to get full participants, 6 must join elites on each section, and the other 29 join normal.
  • DO NOT ATTACK weakest enemies right out of the bat if you are at high power, high chance will get you KICKED as well, because you are preying on weaker members' target, reducing guild's possible score.
  • IF there are no enemies close to your power left, Attack those who has not been attacked, to reveal their skillsets and help the ones who will attack later on. JUST DON'T attack the ones that have too high power than your remaining comrades attackers.
    • This however is reccomended to those who have skill set specialized in PvP capabilities.
  • IF an enemy is attacked at least once, his/her skillsets are revealed, CHECK and try to COUNTER.
  • WITH THE SAME POWER: non-rebirth has worse skill set against RB 1, RB 1 has higher def and HP and attack than RB 2 / RB 3 / RB 4, RB 2 has combat pet that can help tank and deal damage and additional skills, RB 3 usually already has great combat pets skills, RB 4 has strong passives. KNOW YOUR ENEMIES.
  • BADGE DOESN'T LIE. During war, your badges can't be manipulated to fool your enemies that you are a RB 1 when you are actually RB 4. The badges are set automatically.
  • If you JOIN or QUIT, after registration period is over, you will not be able to participate or get the current War's rewards.
  • The gap on power will determine your guild points. If you are on attacker, and have at least 10% lower power than opponent defender and defeat it, you will get 60 points. Elite gets double point. If you win both of your attacks, you get at least 80, and at most 120; doubles for elite. Those who knows how to PvP usually utilize this to their advantage to plan correctly.

References Edit

  2. In-game news update 10-Oct-2017

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