You obtain diamonds from doing achievements or buying from Main → Market.

Spend diamonds, like most mechanics in the game have an exponential growth. For example, when you use the Accelerate feature. Your first one is 50 diamonds, your next two are 100 diamonds, your next two are 200 diamonds, etc. This diamond exponential cost resets daily.

Strategy: Paced diamond SpendingEdit

To maximize diamond spending, always pace yourself daily. Since diamond costs are exponential, try to figure out your diamond gain per day. Then you’ll know how much diamond you can spend per day. To maximize diamond gains, VIP or SVIP purchase is preferred. They have the best diamonds to cost ratio long term. Check the Market whenever it refreshes. It might have gems sold for gold instead of diamonds.

It is best to store Diamonds and using it to attend certain event that holds once in a lifetime costume such as Bell Hat. New Year Events makes most player spend many diamonds to earn Bell Hat that was listed as Ultra Rare quality while also acquiring New Year Emblem as a reward when defeating Santa Poring lv 128.

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