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Bond Bless Edit

Bond Bless

Upon reaching 3600 bond with a friend, one can request Partnership through Be-Partner. This grants Bond Bless which lasts 5 minutes. It can only be used once per day and is activated through Be-Partner. Bonus HP depends on your partner's Max HP and capped at 30% of your Max HP. This is to prevent newly rebirthed novice to get 30k HP bonus. Only one partner is allowed per character at this time. Raising Bond beyond that DOES NOT improve the blessing.

Name Bonus Duration
Bonus Bless

10% of Your partner's Max HP

capped at 30% of Your Max HP

5 Minutes

If either partner deletes the other, Bond Bless will be removed. The deleter will also be penalized and unable to request or accept Be-Partner with anyone for 7 days.

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