Battle Team Edit

Team battle is unlocked after clearing a map 200 before the first rebirth and will be avalible on the next rebirths without the need of beating map 200 again. A team can be made by spending 200 diamonds and is permanent. Team Ids can be shared for recruiting but members can not be invited.

Points are obtained when you defeat a boss challenge to advance to a higher map. Higher maps give more points as compared to lower maps.

A battle team cycle: registration > searching for match > Match duration: 6 days > Cool-down duration: 1 day.

Rewards Edit

Rewards are randomized. There is a chance to receive costume coins instead of items.

Note: Costume coins/items received is randomized. Diamonds are fixed. (E.g 1st place receiving 0-2 coins)

1st Place Edit

  • 150 Diamonds
  • 10x items
  • 10x items
  • draw: 3x costume coins, 10x rainbow carrots

2nd Place Edit

  • 100 Diamonds
  • 8x items
  • 8x items
  • draw: 2x costume coins, 8x rainbow carrots, 8x, explore pet potions

3rd Place Edit

  • 80 Diamonds
  • 6x items
  • 6x items
  • draw: 1x costume coins, 6x combat pet potion, 6x black candy

4th-10th Place Edit

  • 30 Diamonds
  • 3x items
  • 3x items
  • draw: 1x costume coin

Map Clearance Points Edit

Battle Team points are acquired by clearing normal maps. The higher the map is the more points acquired per clearance. Every xx0 maps points acquired per map increases, which means points from map 340-349 is the same per map. Different Rebirth give different points, the higher the rebirth count the lower the points per clearance (about ~5 points less per RB difference per map). Can't find an exact formula as the increment per map is pretty random, some time repetitive.

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